Active Magnetic Bearings

Active magnetic bearings (AMB) can be used on compressors, turboexpanders, motors, and pumps in nearly every phase of oil and gas production.

From extraction and refinement, to transport and storage, AMBs are ideal for operation in highly-demanding environments where reliability and cleanliness are of the utmost importance. Because they don’t require the use of any lubrication systems or external monitoring hardware, they can be used in applications where availability of space is an issue, including refinement, offshore drilling, and/or subsurface operations. For mission-critical machines, our AMB’s optional fault-tolerant control system uses redundant channels of actuation, sensing, processing, and amplification, which help improve reliability and protect the machine.

Active Magnetic Bearings can be applied to —

  • DATUM® C hermetically sealed, integral high-speed, motor-driven compact compressor is designed for use in natural gas pipeline and process gas applications (onshore and offshore).
  • DATUM® Integrated Compression System (DATUM ICS) also uses AMB technology and is uniquely suited for offshore, FPSO, and subsea operations. It can serve as a more versatile and energy-efficient means of removing liquid from product streams while increasing the pressure of dehydrated outlet gas.

Advantages of AMBs —

  • High-performance in extreme conditions
  • Reduced maintenance expenditures
  • Elimination of oil lubrication systems and gearboxes
  • Reduced machine size
  • Improved health monitoring capabilities
  • Simplified systems
  • No energy losses due to friction
  • Extended product life
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Lower cost of ownership

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