Subsea Oil + Gas Production

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Dresser-Rand is helping to revolutionize subsea processing and production.

Just as safety, environmental, efficiency, durability, and footprint have been critical aspects in offshore oil and gas processing, Dresser-Rand is helping to revolutionize subsea processing and production with advances in subsea separation, compression, re-injection, gas-lifting and boosting.

Subsea gas processing has increasingly become a possible solution for fields located in harsh conditions where topside gas processing equipment might be at risk. Subsea gas processing is an emergent application, and can encompass a number of processes that help to reduce the cost and complexity of developing offshore fields, including —

  • Subsea water removal and re-injection or disposal
  • Single phase and multi-phase boosting of well fluids
  • Sand and solid separation
  • Gas / liquid separation and boosting
  • Gas treatment and compression

Dresser-Rand is uniquely positioned to offer subsea oil and gas production and processing equipment with a new compression concept – the DATUM® Integrated Compression System (ICS). The DATUM ICS is a complete motor-driven compression system with a small footprint, reduced weight, and at the lowest total cost. It provides a compact and highly efficient means for removing liquid from a gas-liquid stream while increasing the pressure of the dehydrated outlet gas.