Offshore Oil + Gas Production

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Oil companies are exploiting harder-to-reach reservoirs and keeping existing assets operating much longer.

As offshore oil and gas exploration moves to deeper waters, safety, reliability, environmental concerns, and cost play vital roles in the production, transmission, and refining of oil and gas products. We help to minimize the concerns of our offshore oil and gas clients by delivering safe, reliable, and efficient products such as DATUM® centrifugal compressors, reciprocating compressors, gas turbines, and world-class service and support solutions.


The Dresser-Rand business offers an extensive array of compression solutions to meet the wide range of duties and applications such as gas lift, CO2 injection, natural gas injection, export gas, CO2 recycle, and low-pressure / high-pressure separation.

DATUM® Centrifugal Compressors

  • Cartridge concept – modular design minimizes downtime on-site to accommodate changing reservoir conditions and field duties
  • Various drive options – electric motor or gas turbine drives
  • For many applications, high-pressure back-to-back compression solutions can reduce the number of cases, weight and footprint
  • Inherently stable rotordynamics ensure high availability and reliability

Reciprocating Compressors

Dresser-Rand has more than 60 years experience supplying reciprocating gas compressors for offshore applications including FPSO, TLP, SPARs, etc. These have primarily been electric motor-driven, horizontally-opposed, high-speed reciprocating compressors operating at medium speeds.

  • Eight different frame sizes with 2-4-6 crank-throws, allowable rod loads from 15,400 lbs (68.5 kN) to 90,000 lbs (400 kN) and HP up to 11,000 (8,206 kW)
  • Cylinders up to 28″ (711 mm) in diameter with pressures up 10,000 psig (689.5 bar)
  • Slow-speed, longer stroke process reciprocating compressors are also available with up to 10 crank throws and 45,000 HP (33,570 kW)

We engineer and manufacture our own compressor valves and regulation devices as well as a full suite of capacity control solutions.

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