LNGo Micro-scale LNG Production System

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The Dresser-Rand business’ LNGo™ natural gas conversion system is the latest innovation for the LNG market.

Capable of producing up to 30,000 gallons of LNG per day, the modular and compact micro-scale LNG production plant can be tailored to meet national codes and standards with short cycle times.

Trusted Technology

The LNGo system is comprised of quality, proven legacy products from Dresser-Rand and Siemens including a MOS™ reciprocating compressor, a Siemens Gas + Diesel Genset, and control, monitoring, and safety systems to offer a new liquefaction process that can be installed and operating within months.


The point-of-use, small-scale LNG production plant is a standardized product made up of packaged modules that work together to offer a decentralized, distributed approach to meet the growing demand for LNG fueling. Modules may include power module(s), compressor module, process module, and a gas conditioning module.


Upstream applications include, among others, the monetization of flared gas to increase revenues for oil companies and reduce their environmental impact, the production of stranded natural gas fields, which are not close to existing pipeline infrastructure, on-site fuel supply for drilling and hydraulic fracturing equipment converted to run on LNG, and applications for coal bed methane for fueling mining vehicles. Downstream applications include the production of vehicle-grade LNG, allowing LNG to compete effectively with diesel fuel on a cost-per-energy-content (BTU) basis.

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