Power Recovery Expanders

Dresser-Rand is a world leader in the design, manufacture, installation and service of power recovery expanders applied in oil refinery catalytic cracking units.

Our machines are installed in both fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), and residue fluid catalytic cracking (RFCC) units, capturing energy from high temperature flue gas (that is normally wasted across a throttle valve) and converting it to mechanical energy. This power is then applied to drive an electrical generator or catalyst regenerator main air blower. This allows the refinery to reduce energy expense and to improve its overall energy index rating.

Dresser-Rand has over 50 years of experience with expanders starting with producing the first successful FCC expander in 1963. Since then, we  have produced and delivered more than 80 units, including replacements. Dresser-Rand expanders feature a rear-pull rotor. When routine maintenance needs to be done, the rotor and other major components can be removed from the rear of the machine without disturbing any of the intake or exhaust piping.

Dresser-Rand is the industry leader in providing stand-alone generator drives.  This train configuration provides the increased operational flexibility of being able to shut down the expander / generator train without impacting FCC operation or production.

We design and manufacture a variety of gas expanders —

  • FCC (including FCCU and RFCCU)
    • Inlet temperature up to 1400 degrees F
    • Pressure ratios up to 4.5
  • High temperature multi-stage (Nitric acid)
    • Inlet temperature generally 1000-1250 degrees F
    • Pressure ratios up to 11
  • Warm gas multi-stage (many processes)
    • Inlet temperature generally 500-1000 degrees F
    • Numerous pressure ratings
    • Elevated exhaust pressure available
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

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