COPPUS® Accessories

Optional COPPUS® accessories

VANO® Tripod

Attaches to VANO 175CV or 250CV; makes positioning of units and direction of airflow easier by rotating 360 degrees on a 45 degree plane. Spring-loaded legs fold up for easy transport and storage.

Transport Cart

Heavy-duty cart allows easier transportation of VANO 175CV and 250CV ventilators (which can remain on cart during operation); includes crane-lifting loop.

Flexible Air Duct

A large selection of flexible air duct for a variety of ventilation applications is available. Our most popular heavy-duty duct features impregnated polyester material designed for harsh, industrial environments. Other options include economical light-duty duct, source capture duct and hazardous location, conductive duct.

Duct Canister

Extend the life of your duct with the protection of a COPPUS high-density, light-weight polyethylene canister; makes transporting and storage easier and safer. Extends duct life.


For stationary, long term use; rotates 360 degrees for precise direction of air flow and accommodates 3HP and 6HP Jectair sizes. Installs quickly and easily with two quick-release clamps. Large feet provide stability during operation and spring-loaded legs fold up for easy transport and storage.

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