New High-Performance Gimpel® Valves Picking Up Steam

Dresser-Rand launches new Gimpel® electro-hydraulic trip-throttle valve (EHTTV).

Designed to prevent the catastrophic failure of steam turbines, Dresser-Rand’s Gimpel EHTTV stops the flow of steam to the turbine in less than 0.3 seconds, a closing force that is four to 10 times faster than typical latch-type valves. Additionally, the back seated stem design prevents steam loss when the valve is fully open.

EHTTVs operate independently of the installed turbine oil system and only require electrical power to operate. They can be locally or remotely actuated and exercised. The EHTTV maintains a five-year overhaul cycle with no lubricating requirement and complies with API-612 standards. They can also be used to improve efficiency and, ultimately, the bottom line by saving 100-250 lbs. of steam per hour.

The valve underwent extensive testing at Dresser-Rand’s facility in Burlington, Iowa and performed as expected under designed conditions.

EHTTVs were developed for steam turbines in a wide range of industries, including power, ethylene, ammonia, pulp and paper, petrochemical, steel, medical, education, and refinery.

Dresser-Rand is the first and only known trip throttle valve manufacturer with SIL-3 certification by Lloyd’s Register Group.

“Our new Electro Hydraulic Trip Throttle Valves bring a new level of performance and efficiency to the market and are performing very well for our clients,” said Maged Mikhail, Vice President Engineered Solutions and Gimpel SBU for Dresser-Rand. “We have an installed base of more than 17,000 Gimpel valves and have an excellent track record, which is why we’re now the only trip throttle valve manufacturer with SIL-3 certification.”


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