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We’re in this together

We have all heard the phrase “lower for longer” applied to oil prices. Accordingly, we’ve all had to adjust to this market reality by simplifying processes, eliminating duplication and improving efficiencies to operate successfully during this period of lower activity.

Nevertheless, we also need to invest in the future. Our mission is to make real what matters – to customers and to society. It’s about commitment and delivery, and about always trying to make a lasting difference.

This is why we continue investing in innovations like the advanced SGT-A35 gas turbine technology, Topsides 4.0 digital life cycle solution, and others to ensure we have the right competencies and capabilities to respond to our customers’ needs.

One of the key benefits of the digital transformation, or Fourth Industrial Revolution, is that it allows us to make data actionable for our customers. It’s an opportunity for businesses to leverage an often-untapped asset of real-time data to succeed in a challenging market environment.

We’re in this together, and embracing change will make us all stronger in the future.

Topsides 4.0

We recently unveiled our new integrated solution to help offshore operators transition to a digital enterprise. Topsides 4.0 covers the entire lifecycle of offshore mission-critical rotating equipment and modules, and electrical and automation systems.

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SGT-A35 Gas Turbines

Earlier this year we launched the SGT-A35 (formerly the Industrial RB211) gas turbines to provide our oil and gas customers with a more powerful, lighter and smaller footprint solution for offshore applications.

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Global Strategic Partnership

Siemens and PAS Global, the leading provider of industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity solutions, recently announced an agreement to provide fleet-wide, real time monitoring for control systems.

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Tenable + Siemens

Tenable™, Inc., the Cyber Exposure company, and Siemens announced a strategic partnership to help energy, utilities and oil and gas companies close the industry readiness gap with a new solution for industrial asset discovery and vulnerability management.

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