US Navy Steam Turbines

Since 1906, Dresser-Rand and its legacy companies have built more than 80,000 steam turbines ranging from 1 hp to more than 110 MW.

Our steam turbines have been hard at work on Navy ships since World War I, driving pumps, generating power, and providing main propulsion.

Here’s how Dresser-Rand steam turbines are being used on U.S. Navy ships:

  • Main propulsion
  • Ship service and emergency  power
  • Turbine generator sets
  • Auxiliary steam turbine drivers for:
    • Main feed pumps
    • Auxiliary feed pumps
    • Circulating pumps
    • Fire pumps
    • Standby oil pumps

We engineer our mechanical drives to each client’s specific requirements to enhance performance and lower operating costs over the turbine’s lifetime. To optimize power and efficiency, we constantly apply evolving engineering and technology that delivers improved flow-path components. To assure reliability and durability, we use solid rotors, durable casings, advanced bucket-machining technology, and digital control systems. All of our design, manufacturing, and testing processes are certified to ISO 9002, ISO 9001:2000, and ISO 14001:2004 and are subject to additional military specifications.

Innovative technological advances such as our profiled ring and vane (PRV) diaphragms precisely match the pressure, temperature, steam flow, and required pressure drop across each stage—increasing efficiency and decreasing fuel consumption. Proven bearing designs maintain reliability under demanding operating conditions.

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