Nuclear Digital Governor Upgrade

State-of-the-Art Digital Design of the Woodward 505 Controller

Dresser-Rand’s Terry™ turbine digital governor design incorporates a state-of-the-art digital design of the Woodward 505 controller as supplied by Engine Systems, Incorporated (or ESI); an electro mechanical, direct coupled actuator; a servo-amplifier and speed probes.

Turbine speed is monitored by a magnetic speed pick-up, which in turn provides a signal to the digital controller. The digital controller provides a 4-20 milli amp signal to the servo-amplifier, which controls the electro-mechanical actuator. The actuator, which includes a built-in internal resolver, provides positional feedback to the controller.

The result is a digital solution that eliminates the driven EGR (Electronic Governor Remote); the remote servo and hydraulic subsystem; the mechanical linkage between servo and valve stem; and the EGM (Electronic Governor Mechanical), RGSC (Ramp Generator Signal Converter), and dropping resistor.

Digital governor features:

  • Fully programmable via laptop
  • 120 VAC (Volts Alternating Current), 125 VDC (Volts Direct Current), or 250 VDC
  • Total power consumption of one AMP or less
  • Meets both mild and harsh environment requirements
  • Fully supported by Dresser-Rand’s 10CFR50 Part 21 dedication process

Our Digital Control System combines state-of-the-art design and client performance requirements into a simple and effective package. Concern over turbine overshoot is mitigated and component obsolescence is eliminated. The result is a turbine system that is easier to maintain, extremely easy to calibrate, offers better reliability, and affords quicker response to the needs of the system.